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Frer was founded back in 1980 with the aim to manufacture high quality and reliable electrical meters and accessories for distribution switchgear-switchboards.

Frer Mission & Vision

The wide 30 years market experience permits FRER to offer:

  • WIDE, COMPLETE and technically advanced measuring instruments range.
  • VERY FAST DELIVERIES: 7 days for the whole range and just 48 hours for the stock items. They also grant very quick modifications and reparations to already manufactured products.
  • HOMOLOGATION AND VENDOR LIST registration by the most important industrial companies, State and Military Authorities.
  • SALES REPRESENTATIVES AND DISTRIBUTORS in the most important countries all over the world.
  • PRICE LIST with codes, descriptions and prices available in the most used formats.

FRER is continuosly acting in the market by introducing products innovations, by granting its efficient after sales service and its incomparable ability to follow up any particular customer requirement.